Vignobles Alain Aubert

Alain Aubert is 6’3” tall, with impressive hands and a great smile on his face.

Wine producer Amelie Aubert

“What do you know about wine?” he’ll ask. If you answer “Not much,” he’ll smile and say “Good, we will understand each other.” Then for the next few hours he’ll tell you all about the cultivation of grapes on the right piece of land. Treat them well, he says, and the harvest will be the expression of each variety in balance with its respective terroir.

The Alain Aubert vineyards are an authentic family wine estate, run by Alain and his wife Bernadette with the help of their three daughters and one of their sons-in-law.

Amélie Aubert is specialized in vine growing and wine making, and is a certified oenologist. I recently called her to talk about her winemaking philosophy. “The soils,” she began, and I could practically hear her smile, “we’ve been working the soils, aerating the soils, really caring for them, to provide the vines with maximum nourishment.” Healthy grapes are the key to success, she explained. “We are farmers above all, and with minimal intervention, we want to produce the best quality grapes.” And you can taste it in the final result: wonderful fruity aromas envelop your senses in the delightful wines she makes.