France, Beaujolais



PASCAL AUFRANC’S bucolic vineyard covers 3.7 acres at an altitude of 985 feet just outside his home, an old stone farm, off the beaten path, and overlooking the village of CHÉNAS. The vineyard is ideally situated, in that it is isolated, surrounded by trees and wild fields, and therefore of any outside disturbance. Thanks to this location and atmosphere, Pascal’s wines are unique and reflect the spirit of the place.

The estate consists of 17 acres in JULIÉNAS, 5 acres in CHÉNAS and 2.5 acres in FLEURIE. Many of the estate’s vines were planted in 1939, especially in Chénas.

The Vineyard

The vines are sustainably farmed and harvested by hand. Very traditional Beaujolais methods are used in the maceration of the grapes for at least ten days in open vats, with ageing on the very fine lees for nine months prior to bottling at the estate.

Threads of manganese & quartz in the soil bring minerality to the wines, which are unique and very expressive, with a deep maturity, often characterized with floral & spicy notes..


The Winemaking Philosophy

"My home is also my workplace, perched on the hillside of Remont in Chénas", explains Pascal AUFRANC.

"I always prefer patience and observation over manipulation and my growing methods are the most environmentally friendly as possible, and being that my land is isolated I can practice this choice without distraction."

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